• A4 210x297 mm 500 Sheets/Ream 5 Reams/Box
  • cert-eco

Ream Features

Premium recycled formula.

50% Recycled,
full Advantages

Navigator Advanced is produced with the best virgin fibres - Eucalyptus Globulus - and with the highest quality recycled fibres, making it the result of a perfect balance between environment and quality...

... And it is 75g.m -2 ! An outstanding premium recycled paper produced with a lower grammage. As protecting natural resources is our main concern, we took the most advanced papermaking technology and created a unique set of benefits - especially the fact that we use less wood to give you the same amount of paper compared to an 80 g.m -2, while providing a superior quality.

30% POST-CONSUMER WASTE - Paper that has already been used and entered the Recycling process.

20% PRE-CONSUMER WASTE - Unprinted uncoated paper diverted from the paper waste stream.

Bringing back the best of two worlds, the result of a unique combination of 50% new fibres and 50% recycled fibres, guarantees 100% performance in a 75g.m -2 light weight o ce paper.

  • Great performance;
  • New fibres + recycled fibres;
  • Lower dusting;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Less waste generated;
  • Reduced maintenance costs.

A Superb lightweight
75 g.m -2 recycled paper

A master of environmental preservation

Using high quality fibres guarantees increased recycled rates and reduces the use of natural resources.

Without new fibres, from new trees, the paper cycle cannot go on. Recycled fibres degrade after several uses and the paper industry needs fresh fibre from responsibly managed forests to keep the renewable cycle going.


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