• A4 210x297 mm 500 Sheets/Ream 5 Reams/Box
  • A3 297x420 mm 500 Sheets/Ream 5 Reams/Box
  • A4 FastPack 2500 Sheets Unwrapped
  • cert-eco

Ream Features

5 g.m-2 Lighter, The Eco-Logical Choice.

Preserving Bio-diversity

We integrate biodiversity conservation in our forest management model, built upon partnerships with environmental organizations.

Green Innovation
Fighting Climate Change

Our forests store the equivalent to the CO2 emissions generated by 1.5 million cars driving around the globe, and each year fixed more than twice the fossil CO2 generated in all our mills.

Our Give a Tree Your Name program not only promotes responsible reforestation, giving you a real part in the prevention of global warming, but also contributes to biodiversity protection and preservation.

Increased usage of renewable energy – more than 75% of the total energy we produce is obtained from renewable resources.

Eco-Logical premium quality
with nature protection

Like you, Navigator cares about the environment. That’s why each and every year we grow more than 12 million trees of different species in our forest nurseries. We can plant one in your name.

The paper you choose is crucial in determining your printer’s lifespan and the quality of your printed work.

Recycled papers release more dust, which is harmful to your printing equipment and reduces its lifespan. In addition, recycled paper is noticeably darker, and therefore not ideal for colour printing.

Navigator Eco-Logical is made from Eucalyptus Globulus fibres, which provide a bulkier sheet, with fewer jams and better toner absorption.

It is a thicker, whiter and more opaque premium office paper, ensuring you get the best printing results.

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