• A4 210x297 mm 500 Sheets/Ream 5 Reams/Box
  • A3 297x420 mm 500 Sheets/Ream 5 Reams/Box
  • cert-eco

Ream Features

A special blend of recycled and new fibres.

The Navigator Hybrid Formula

With the recycling rate in Europe reaching 70% in 2012, we decided to contribute and put used paper to good use, incorporating it in the production of the Hybrid. Now, 30% of the recycled fibres in it come from:

20% pre-consumer waste - Unprinted uncoated paper diverted from waste stream during the manufacturing process.

10% post-consumer waste - Paper that has already been used and entered the recycling process.

Besides, keeping a high level of fresh fibres, which are needed to refresh the paper making cycle, promotes healthy sustainable forests.

  • Excellent printing quality;
  • Great performance;
  • High whiteness;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Reduced machine downtime;
  • Lower dusting for increased equipment protection.



The environmental concept of “3R” aims to reduce, reuse and recycle our valuable resources, particularly in the context of production and consumption. “3R” calls for an increase in the proportion of recyclable materials consumed, further reuse of raw materials, a reduction in waste and the protection of natural resources.


Be Sustainable

A special blend of environment and performance. Navigator promotes a sustainable engagement. Its environmental concerns go from preserving biodiversity, exploring alternative greener energy sources (biomass) and promoting a sustainable forest management.


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