Incomparable paper properties

Exclusive production conditions lead to top paper solutions.
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For Navigator, the priority is ensuring unbeatable performance.
why navigator

A unique & compelling combination

Whiteness & opacity
  • Whiteness is extremely important for printing quality, since it enhances colour contrast and increases impact on the reader.
  • Navigator is one of the whitest office papers available in the market, which makes it especially suitable for colour printing and any type of document.
  • The superior opacity of Navigator also makes it ideal for double-sided printing, even when using colour.
Surface cohesion &
excellent runnability
  • The 99.99% paper jam free™ guarantee provides users the possibility to maximise efficiency because jam reduction increases the production speed and reduces processing errors.
Improved printing quality
  • Navigator paper is engineered to provide outstanding performance on all types of office equipment. Continuous performance testing in all office applications and equipment, whether inkjet, copier or laser, in colour or in black & white, ensures our incredible results.
  • Navigator’s 99.99% performance is certified by the Buyers Laboratory INC (BLI), the leading independent laboratory for testing office equipment.
7% LESS TONER CONSUMPTION A cartridge normally yielding 1500 Printswill print 100 additional pages.7% MORE PRINT QUALITYBolder blacks and morevivid colours. Navigator Navigator TypicalOfficePaper1700160015001400 OPTICAL DENSITY Printing quality measured on an HP LaserJet printer. PAGE YIELD (#Prints/Cartridge) 100%105%110%95%
Smoother surface
improved office equipment lifetime
  • Printing quality is valued by all office paper users and is especially important for external communications when using colour. This is measured through the optical density of a printed document, which led Navigator to develop an improved surface that would provide the best possible printing quality.
  • By improving toner adhesion and ink absorption, Navigator maximises print results - more printed sheets with the same cartridge or a better printing quality.
Source: DPC (Digital Printing Center)
Smoother surface
improved office equipment lifetime
  • Navigator is on average 1/3 smoother than most office papers. This smoother surface means lower toner/ink consumption and reduced abrasiveness, resulting in less damage to printers and a longer lifetime for office equipment.
  • The net result is lower maintenance costs (fewer replacements of machine parts) and ultimately a lower cost per printed page.
Source: The Navigator Company and Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) with a Xerox 5090 printer.